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A fully integrated solution providing a ”single source” platform

One end-to-end, centralised platform ensures the integrity of product information at every touchpoint: from product development, specifications and data sheets, to packaging, smart-labels, sales and marketing communications and e-commerce.

4Pack includes the most advanced PLM, PIM, DAM and LAM features integrated into a single platform


Manage all stages of product briefing and ideation.

  • Scope product and innovation requirements
  • Brief internal teams & suppliers
  • Plan key milestones
  • Detail manufacturing specifications
  • Commercial scoping and management

Complete Product Lifecycle Management brings all teams together on one central platform from the start of the ideation process, providing visibility and traceability from the outset.
The transition from ideation into product development is seamless, and version-controlled product iteration of both existing and new products makes tracking and stage-gating simple.

new product ideation
New produtct concept development

Concept Development

No more spreadsheets, standalone documents or separate departmental systems.

  • Centralise all your product master data from the start of the development process
  • Full version control – everyone working from the latest information
  • Complete traceability and visibility on ingredients and allergens
  • Manage nutritional and safety testing
  • Brief Design & Packaging
  • Fully integrated stakeholder collaboration across all departments and teams

4Pack’s sophisticated Product Information Management capabilities along with outstanding Project Management functionality facilitates iterative, collaborative concept development and refinement whilst ensuring full traceability and the integrity of product information.


With all stakeholders already working with the same, version-controlled information and specifications using shared workflows, multi-functional teams can get products finalised and ready for market quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Manage factory trials and quality certification
  • Collate and approve all pack copy and product information
  • Automated Nutritional Facts Table (NFT) generation
  • Easily facilitate multiple variants and localisation, with full translation management
  • Automatically track and manage regulatory compliance across markets
  • Brief and manage artwork production across teams
  • Manage cutter guides, print, technical and logistics specifications across primary, secondary and tertiary packaging

4Pack may be integrated internally or externally with other systems (including ERP, CRM and more), or can directly distribute selected criteria to multiple channels such as product data sheets, packaging artwork, smart labels or e-commerce.

New product optimisation
New product launch


Significantly improve speed to market, make clear cost savings and reduce risk of error at every stage thanks to 4Pack’s fully integrated approach.

  • Fully customisable workflows & personalised daily dashboards
  • Dynamic feed of accurate product information direct to artwork
  • Comprehensive approvals management across all teams & outputs
  • Multi-channel content and asset distribution with bespoke customisation
  • Syndication to data pools & data networks
  • Comprehensive search capabilities based on live product information
  • All assets, content and artwork stored centrally for easy use and controlled sharing

4Pack’s complete Labelling & Artwork Management capabilities are supported by a robust Digital Asset Management function. Together, these facilitate the creation and management of multiple formats and asset types, including packaging, smart-labels, multimedia marketing collateral, digital content and optimised
e-commerce images.

Reporting & Review

Through using fully integrated project management and reporting tools, 4Pack connects all stages of the product development and launch process across internal and external teams.

  • Assign actions & review activity at user or team level
  • Timelines and critical path management
  • Role & permission management
  • Budget tracking & management
  • Easy, customised, multi-format reports

Get at-a-glance or detailed reviews on all projects at master, departmental or user level across the full product lifecycle.

Reporting e Review


Facilitating true end-to-end update management and new product launch is an essential feature of the 4Pack solution.
To make this process as smooth as possible, 4Pack offers seamless integration with a wide range of other business processes and systems, including:

sap integrationintegration oraclegs1 integrationBrandBank integrationmagento integrationworld sync integrationmicrosoft integrationadobe integration


Through end-to-end integration of key content and information flows, 4Pack delivers significant benefits over standalone solutions at every stage of the product and packaging development process, including:

  • One centralised “single source” of truth
  • Improving data quality and compliance adherence
  • Significant cost and time savings – internally and externally
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Full traceability & easy update
  • Multiple, custom workflows
  • Multi-format outputs & multi- channel distribution
  • Ownership and control of you centralised information and assets
  • 24/7 global access
4Pack benefits

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