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Accelerating NPD through centralised management of all specifications and artwork

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4Pack for retailers

At 4Pack we understand that as a retailer, managing multiple suppliers and launches at any one time, whilst keeping projects on track can be time consuming.

Ensuring that product information is completed in full and promptly, can also be challenging whilst the pressure to launch quickly alongside minimising cost is ever increasing.

4Pack is used by many retailers to manage both their product information, packaging and artwork management.  Validated product information and artwork is multi-channel distributed to ensure alignment, consistency and accuracy.

4Pack can serve as a Supplier Portal for product submissions and specifications providing a centralised and version-controlled solution to manage all specification and artworks. The ability to link and relate the specs to the artwork is incredibly powerful, it enables teams to instantly see the impact of change and keeps your projects on target, sending notifications to users that further action is required. 

Last minute project changes are expected therefore, to have a solution that help teams to easily manage the connected product launch process is simply a game changer.


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