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Manage branding consistently across physical and digital formats

4Pack for ecommerce

Whether you are traditionally a bricks and mortar retailer with a growing online presence or 100% online, the principle of managing product and packaging content, assets and artwork is critically important to ensure consistency, accuracy and compliance across physical and digital formats.  

Arguably, the ability to be able to access more comprehensive product information is greater within an eCommerce environment because there are no limitations associated with pack size or shelf space.

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated in how they search for products that meet their lifestyle and ethical needs. Handling, managing, and approving comprehensive product information within 4Pack provides an incredible opportunity to channel that rich data (and search terms) to eCommerce platforms.

The powerful linking of product data, assets and artwork drives brand consistency and accuracy across all channels, it enables teams to collaborate and be agile to ever-changing demands and trends.


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