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Protect your brand with accurate product information and artwork management

Cross functional collaboration, unify your teams

4Pack for Brands

It can be an extremely costly and lengthy process to build a successful brand and the inaccurate management of product information, packaging, artwork, and labels can instantly damage that reputation and negatively impact your brand

4Pack understands that product launch can be a complicated process, with a lot of variables to consider, such as product management (information), brand assets, artworks and labels, packaging materials and/or technology.  All these critical functions need to collaborate in the right way and at the right time to meet project KPIs, launch dates and the original brief.

Therefore, increasing your brands strength in the market, improving consumers trust in your product through accurate product information and tapping into the conscious consumer with clear and correct packing information.

4Pack brings all these elements into one single solution for cross-functional teams to accurately collaborate and accelerate the time to launch.


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