Setting Up Your Product Launch For Success

At the heart of scalable innovation is a cost-efficient, collaborative, and compliant process. A central tool can make that happen.

Successful innovation in the Food and Beverage industry is the product of lots of mission-critical expertise: from alignment with consumers and markets, to deep knowledge about industry processes, regulation and feasible production, and the ability to deliver the whole thing at speed and cost.  

This short guide is an introduction to how a central digital system - that connects all the key functions involved, from end to end - can set your product launches and updates up for success.

Download the New Product Development Mini-guide


Latest Case Studies

Reducing Costs & Increasing Speed to Market through an End-to-End Approach

Vicenzi Group is a leading Italian manufacturer of Pastry and Bakery products such as ladyfingers, amaretti and puff pastries, sold under the flagship brand “Matilde Vicenzi”. 4Pack has transformed their product management processes; not just meeting but surpassing Vicenzi’s initial objectives.

Managing products in 50 markets: Reducing Risk and Increasing Efficiency

Giovanni Rana is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fresh pasta products; distributing to over 50 markets internationally, with sales of over €700m. See how they use 4Pack as an end-to-end management solution right from the start of their product development process.