Faik Cem Ozgur is the new CEO of 4 Flying Group


4Pack expansion projects are consolidated with an international figure.

On September 1 2020 Faik Cem Ozgur was formally appointed the new CEO of the 4 Flying Group. 4 Flying Group has been operating internationally for over 30 years specializing in cross-media, content, product lifecycle management and packaging software solutions for manufacturers and retailers globally, as well as digital communication and graphic services through the e-Graphic Srl division.

Faik Cem Ozgur brings his extensive global experience to the role, and as CEO, will lead the 4 Flying Group to deliver the international expansion strategy.

Faik Cem Ozgur is succeeding Germano Dal Negro who founded and has led 4 Flying Srl from the beginning, Germano Dal Negro will remain as a fundamental support to the management team, as Group Chairman moving forwards.

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