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#Sustainability: Environmental impact set to disrupt CPG packaging & labelling

#Sustainability, and how environmental impact is poised to disrupt CPG packaging & labelling in the future

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Brexit labelling changes for 2021: What you need to know

Brexit means food labelling regulations in the UK and across Europe are going to change very soon

Corporate IT: Too many ‘Batmans’ & not enough ‘Robins’?

Introducing a complementary approach to defining your IT landscape in CPG Consumer Packaged Goods.

Thinking About the Box: Taking Packaging Specification Management to the next level

Centralised, digital packaging specification and materials management is the way forward for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) businesses.

Artwork Management Software: Top 5 benefits of an online solution

Cloud-based Artwork Management Software has proven ROI for CPG businesses

The Benefits of Digital Specification Management Software

Digital Specification Management software platforms help businesses take control and manage specifications more effectively.

Specification Management: What You Need to Know

Specification Management software can manage everything from product, packaging through to ingredient or raw material specifications in one easy-to-use system

2020 … the purrfect time to be in the pet food business?

If you were asked what products have seen increased sales in lockdown, what would you say?

Faik Cem Ozgur is the new CEO of 4 Flying Group

4Pack expansion projects are consolidated with an international figure.

5 ways to shape up your NPD process in the pandemic world

In this article we give our 5 thoughts for shaping up your NPD process.

Tis’ the season to be … busy!

September 2020 will see the briefs rolling in for the Christmas 2021 ranges!

Bubbles we can all enjoy - chillin’ out with healthier soft drinks this summer

From no sugar sparkling waters with natural fruit flavours to bubbly cold teas with added vitamins, there is a lot of guilt-free innovation to enjoy.

The skilful operation of managing pack copy and artwork briefing

When an Olympic athlete delivers flawless repeatable performance, no one questions the amount of preparation that will have preceded it.

No more lost in translation: Localising packaging text, translation memories & AI

"Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes." Günter Grass

Plant-based & Meat-free: Adopting a diet for the health of the planet

Plant-based and meat-free is a really exciting category, in this summary article we take a look at what’s behind the rise in popularity

Dynamic Artwork: The game-changing technology for food producers

Dynamic Artwork is the game-changing technology which increases speed to market, reduces risk of human error and provides marked savings in graphic services expenditure.

Right First Time Artwork Approval: Implementing your process

We look how any food & beverage business – no matter how large or how small – can move closer to achieving that all important “Right First Time” target for artwork approvals.

Right First Time Artwork Approval: Is it really achievable

No matter what size and structure your business, it is easier than you think to significantly reduce the amount of time the artwork approval process takes

Building the bedrock of smart initiatives: Digital Workflows

Digital workflows are the bedrock of any smart working initiative

Build best practice to improve Transparency and consumer trust

Build best practice to realise efficiencies and improve your transparency and build consumer trust

Clean labels are changing consumer behaviour

Consumers are looking to understand the broader impact of products on their overall health

Protecting against Product Recalls: What you need to know

A small mistake is all it takes for your product to be withdrawn or be recalled from the market, with serious consequences.

Augmented Product Content is Virtually a Reality

In recent years, with the increased time people are spending on social platforms, food brands that engage and promote consumer involvement on the web can find themselves more commercially successful

How to kick-start your digital transformation journey

Discover the 5 fundamental steps to kick starting your digital transformation journey

Do you know the environmental impact of the products you eat?

Across the globe, food consumption accounts for a quarter of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions; so, our food purchase decisions are indeed impactful. In this article we discuss the opportunity to leverage packaging to communicate and engage with the sustainability-aware consumer.

Are you an Artwork Coordinator?

If so, it's time to step up onto the podium and grab your baton. Have you ever likened your job to that of a musical conductor?

Digital Asset Management: Store, manage and share with speed

In difficult times it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the admin work that keeps your business going. That’s why this is the perfect time to address your digital infrastructure.

Packaging Artwork and Labelling: What Food can learn from pharma?

With the rise of nutraceuticals, the lines between the pharmaceutical and food industries are blurring, in this article we examine if there are any key learnings from the pharmaceutical industry in packaging artwork and labelling that can be applied to the food and beverage industry.

Are you ready for the product launch?

“People involved in the countdown always say that the last twenty minutes are the worst. At that point all that is needed has been done, and therefore everyone has twenty minutes to think about what may not have been done, or otherwise what could go wrong. "

Guidance on Primary Origin Indication: what you need to know

EU Regulation 775/2018: After 1 April 2020, Food manufactures must label origin of the primary ingredient

Smart Working: Ensure effective collaboration wherever your teams are

At this very moment in time working in a connected and collaborative way have never been more important for Food & Beverage business.

Product Information Management With Power

Product Information Management (PIM) is a method for keeping all the important information about your products up to date across multiple channels, ensuring compliance with regulations and fidelity of data.

Food & Drink Expo 2020 – Where the UK food industry meets

4Pack UK at the Food & Drink Expo 2020, we’ll see you there!

Brexit impact on food labelling: what manufacturers need to know

It’s been two weeks since the UK left the European Union. Food labelling regulation will change on 1 January 2021, how prepared are you?

UK Food Labelling Regulations: What Food Producers Need to Know

Adherence to food labelling regulations is more important than ever before. Businesses can be penalised, and customers can be at risk, there is no room for error!

Insurers will always look for mature operations

Tim Nash heads up the product recall team at Marsh, an insurance broker that helps Food & Beverage manufacturers find the right coverage for their operations. We spoke to him about the true cost of a recall, and what manufacturers can do to limit the level of risk they’re exposing their business to

Burnout: Why teams are so important for product innovation

The Food and Beverage industry is nothing without the expertise of its employees. So why do we insist they spend half their time on admin. This blog post takes a look at what’s broken in the product launch process

6 principles of a successful product launch

In many Food & Beverage organisations, the product development and update process puts an immense strain on internal and external resources. This blog post looks at six elements that businesses can put in place to engineer smoother and more efficient workflows

Data could help Compliance become more pro-active

Helen Poole, 4Pack’s MD in the UK, speaks to a compliance professional about business risk, time spent on admin, and the biggest process challenges for the compliance department – and what businesses can do to fix them.

Make it flow: Apply lean manufacturing to your innovation process

Why the Food and Beverage industry needs to apply the principles of lean manufacturing to their innovation processes

Food & Beverage Innovation is Agile and Complex

The Food and Beverage industry is under enormous pressure to innovate. Helen Poole, 4Pack’s UK Managing Director argues: the iterative, and sometimes frantic nature of the go-to-market process is part of the job. Processes that don’t support employees to deliver their best contribution shouldn’t be.