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Insurers will always look for mature operations

Tim Nash heads up the product recall team at Marsh, an insurance broker that helps Food & Beverage manufacturers find the right coverage for their operations. We spoke to him about the true cost of a recall, and what manufacturers can do to limit the level of risk they’re exposing their business to

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The Food and Beverage industry is nothing without the expertise of its employees. So why do we insist they spend half their time on admin. This blog post takes a look at what’s broken in the product launch process

6 principles of a successful product launch

In many Food & Beverage organisations, the product development and update process puts an immense strain on internal and external resources. This blog post looks at six elements that businesses can put in place to engineer smoother and more efficient workflows

Data could help Compliance become more pro-active

Helen Poole, 4Pack’s MD in the UK, speaks to a compliance professional about business risk, time spent on admin, and the biggest process challenges for the compliance department – and what businesses can do to fix them.

Make it flow

Why the Food and Beverage industry needs to apply the principles of lean manufacturing to their innovation processes

Food & Beverage Innovation is Agile and Complex

The Food and Beverage industry is under enormous pressure to innovate. Helen Poole, 4Pack’s UK Managing Director argues: the iterative, and sometimes frantic nature of the go-to-market process is part of the job. Processes that don’t support employees to deliver their best contribution shouldn’t be.