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Augmented Product Content is Virtually a Reality


With the increased time people are spending on social platforms, food brands that engage and promote consumer involvement on the web can benefit commercially

In recent years, with the increased time people are spending on social platforms, food brands that engage and promote consumer involvement on the web can find themselves more commercially successful. 

Products and stores may be still static, but their informational content must exceed the limits imposed by physical space in order to attract the attention of potential buyers, excite consumers and offer additional knowledge.

In a Nielsen survey, nearly two thirds of respondents confirmed that their lives were getting busier and many were turning to technology to simplify their lives. In fact, about half of these respondents were already receptive to use new forms of technology such as augmented reality to help them make product choices.

Augmented reality can bridge the gap between consumers, products and product content and empower brands to engage better with their customers to achieve real business results.

One potential vehicle for this is Smart Packaging. Smart packaging is the packaging of the future. Through the use of integrated technologies, such as NFC chips, Bluetooth, LEDs or screens, food packaging has the potential to use augmented and mixed reality to educate about food and help food businesses communicate innovatively.

According to a report by Capgemini, a world leader in consulting services and technology, Augmented Reality applications will become commonplace in the next 3 years, but growth could be hindered by lack of internal expertise and lack of sufficient back-end infrastructure.

The report found that the lack of data and technology for immediate use presents a serious obstacle to the adoption of Augmented Reality. For companies, the most pressing need is to ensure seamless integration with existing technologies and corporate culture.

4Pack is an integrated end-to-end SaaS solution that integrates perfectly with the technological infrastructure of companies, receives data from internal departments and controls the enrichment of this content but, above all, is able to feed all communication channels from the traditionally printed to the virtual online space:

  • Labels
  • Leaflets
  • Offline and online catalogues and brochures
  • Websites, reserved areas, e-commerce portals


4Pack exists to help Food & Beverage manufacturers and brands of all sizes to push innovative, safer products to market across channels quickly. If you want to turbo charge your product launch process, book a demo with one of our experts.


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