Tomato save label

28 February 2018

From today the obligation to indicate tomato derivatives on the label has come into force. The Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies communicates this. The provision, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale, introduces the two-year testing of the labeling system following a standard already in force for dairy products, pasta and rice.
The decree applies to derivatives such as preserves and tomato concentrate, as well as sauces and sauces that are composed at least for 50% of tomato derivatives. It foresees that the packaging of all the derivatives of the tomato, sauces and sauces produced in Italy must have necessarily indicated on the label the terms relating to the country of cultivation and to that of processing.
"A decisive step", states Coldiretti, "to protect a patrimony of over 5 billion kilos of Italian pummarola, a fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet".

The indications on the origin must be affixed on the label, in an evident point and in the same field of vision so as to be easily recognizable, clearly legible and indelible.
The measures include a phase for the adaptation of the companies to the new system and the complete disposal of the labels and packages already produced.
"If all the operations take place in our country - says Coldiretti - you can use the words 'Origin of the tomato: Italy'." If the phases take place in the territory of several countries, EU countries may be used, depending on their origin. Non-EU countries, EU and non-EU countries.


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