How to reduce time to market

An error in managing artwork label can increase costs and damage the business.

26 October 2017

In companies that operate in highly competitive markets, reducing time to market is crucial. The management of the artwork and labels in the packaging is constantly under pressure due to the increase in the number of projects to be delivered in a highly compressed time. In particular, the sanitary and consumer goods packaged together with stringent laws relating to the security and clarity of the declarations reported on the label: sn error in managing the artwork can result in increased costs and can damage the business.

The elements that influence packaging management.

The Artwork Management process is a delicate step, and mistakes due to bad management can impact and generate unforeseen costs. The implementation of a packaging involves several departments and people inside and outside the company and is a process-oriented pressure to increase the number of offices that run it: sales promotions, relaunches of existing products, change of compliance requirements.Interacting with so many external offices and actors creates complexity.

If there is no good coordination, inevitably generate repetitive and redundant processes, errors, poor traceability in the chain, and an inefficient database. But more importantly, it is likely to receive fines or the obligation to recall products that do not comply with legal requirements.

The recipe for success is, therefore, the effective coordination of these different figures.


"Unfortunately, even mature businesses rely on tightly-focused applications or home-made software that can bring localized benefits but without giving global solutions".


The solution is 4PACK
Today, you can manage the entire stream of artwork efficiently, creating an up-to-date database and managing content globally.
The solution is aimed at who is dedicated daily to the creation, management, control, approval and subsequent packaging modifications. Internal business functions, coordination, involving also external actors such as creative agencies, photoliths and printers. By using 4PACK, companies can dramatically decrease time to market, for example, by reducing the intervention on a label from two days to a few minutes!


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