Food labels: from today it is mandatory to indicate the production plant

5 April 2018

From now on the obligation to indicate the production plant on the labels of food products.
For defaulting companies, penalties ranging from 2,000 to 15,000 euros are foreseen.
If the food business operator has several establishments, it is permissible to indicate all the establishments provided that the actual one is evidenced by punching or other identifying sign, while in the case of products not intended for the final consumer but for collective catering (restaurants, canteens) or to the company that performs another processing phase, it can be limited to indicate the plant location only on the accompanying commercial documents.

"This standard - explains Coldiretti - is supported by consumers who for 84% believe it is essential to know, in addition to the origin of the ingredients, also the place where the transformation process took place".
For Coldiretti, in fact, it is necessary to do more, that is to say on the label also the origin of the ingredients since it is precisely the origin of the foods that determine the purchasing choices of 96% of consumers.
"Two hams on three sold in Italy today come from pigs reared abroad", reports the association, but this is not highlighted on the label.
14% of the products that Italians find on the shelves, refer to Italy reporting on the packaging the tricolor. Then 25% are those who, while not using the flag, recall Italian. According to Coldiretti, these symbols are often used inappropriately and for this reason they have started a campaign to "stop the fake food and protect health, protect the economy and block speculations".


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