The obligation to indicate the origin of the tomato on the label came into force

12 September 2018

A new obligation to protect consumers has been taken in recent days: the obligation to indicate on the label the origin of the raw material for tomato-derived products, ie peeled tomatoes, pulps, concentrates, preserves, sauces and sauces made of at least 50 % from derivatives.

The products obtained with tomatoes grown and processed in Italy will be so recognizable by the words "Origin of the tomato: Italy".

"It is a new step towards more complete and clear information towards the consumer" says Andrea Elmi, President of Coldiretti Lucca. "The obligation of origin labeling was in force in Italy only for the past but not for peeled tomatoes, pulps, sauces and above all concentrates that Italy imports from China. The obligation places an embankment on the tomato river passed off around the world as Italian due to the lack of a mandatory labeling system. From today, consumers will finally be able to know, on the packaging, the country of tomato cultivation, that of transformation as it happens for example for extra virgin olive oil, another battle conducted by our organization ".

Products that do not meet the requirements of the decree, because they are labeled before the entry into force of the provision, can be marketed within the term of conservation provided on the label.

The interministerial decree number 47 published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale on 26 February 2018, defined as "experimental" and valid until 31 December 2020, thus enters into force.


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