What are the Nutri Score labels?

When the word "Nutri Score" is associated with the word labels, it generally means a labeling system referring to food products.

8 July 2019

Designed in France by the EREN group of university researchers, Nutri Score uses the first five letters of the alphabet (A, B, C, D and E,) and 5 shades of colors (from green to red), thus indicating the level of product quality. It will therefore be possible to distinguish the best foods, those containing fruit, from the most harmful ones, containing fats and / or sugars.
It mainly has a clarifying function on what concerns the identification of the nutritional values of a product, with the aim of facilitating and speeding up the reading and understanding of nutritional labels, making the consumer more aware about what it will be buy. 

The French Ministry of Health itself approved the project when, for the first time in 2013, the proposal was raised. According to the Ministry, in fact the adoption of this method would allow a rapprochement between consumers and healthy products and, at the same time, it would put a brake on healthy problems due to malnutrition, including obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
Outside France, however, the term Nutri is replaced by the term "traffic light labels".

Belgium, Switzerland and Great Britain also strongly promote the use of these stamps, following the French wave, aware of the fact that consumers want to know the foods they consume.

The opinions are however many and conflicting: to multinationals like Nestlè, Auchan, Leclerc and to the health agencies of the aforementioned countries, numerous food businesses are opposed, but not only...
In Italy, the majority are against this project: the most important and resonant opinions come from Coldiretti, Cia-Agricoltori, Filiera Italia and Codacons.
Coldiretti and Cia-Agricoltori, for example, define this type of labels misleading and harmful for health and for quality Made in Italy products, "risking to support and promote junk food".
Even Filiera Italia does not seem to approve this "system that goes against a healthy and balanced diet", obtainable only through "a varied and balanced diet".

However, by the end of 2019, traffic lights will also be spreading in our country: despite this it is good to remember that, following the thought of the president of Coldiretti Prandini, “nutritional balance has to be found among the different foods consumed in the daily diet and certainly not on the specific product '', paying attention to the general diet, not only to the single food.


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