New legal provisions for labels will be launched next February

28 September 2017

New legal provisions will be taken from next February: the origin of rice and pasta must be labeled.

The law decrees that set a 180-day transition period will come into effect as of next February. In Italy, it becomes a legitimate indication of the origin of grain and pasta and cereal used for pasta and rice. The dough notes take off on February 17th, while rice starts on February 16, 2018.

With this provision, Italy wants to respond more and more to the needs of consumers wishing to know in detail the origin of the ingredients.

The two ministerial decrees introduce the obligation to indicate the origin for 2 years experimentally.

Specifically, these are the novelties.

Pasta labels.

It is necessary to indicate the origin of the grain, so the labels must bear the following words:

  • Country of grain cultivation, ie the name of the country in which it is grown
  • Country of milling, ie the name of the country where it was milled
  • If the two phases are carried out in Italy, indicate the name of the country in which each phase occurs

If these two processing phases are carried out in several countries, the abbreviations used will be EU countries, non-EU countries, EU and non-EU countries.

In addition, if durum wheat is cultivated for at least 50% in one country, such as Italy, the term "Italy and other EU and / or EU non-EU countries" may be used.

Labels for rice.

New labels on rice should be indicated:

  • Country of cultivation
  • Manufacturing country
  • Country of packaging

If the country where the three phases of processing are only one, you can write, for example, "Origin of rice: Italy". If, on the other hand, the three different processes take place in different countries, the new labels will bear the same valid abbreviations for pasta, ie EU or NOT EU.

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