Food labels: indication of geographical origin

The Committee for Public Works and Constitutional Affairs of the Senate approved the "made in Italy" amendment to the Dl Semplificazioni.

28 January 2019

The amendment has been passed which makes it possible to extend to all food products the mandatory indication on the label of the geographical place of origin of the food.

Currently, in Italy the indication of origin obligation exists only for peeled tomatoes and concentrates, milk and dairy products, rice, pasta wheat and chicken. At EU level, on the other hand, it concerns beef, honey and eggs and labeling is regulated by the European regulation 1169/2011.

Here are the foods that have the obligation to indicate and those to which it will be extended.

Food with the indication of origin:

  • Chicken and pork meat
  • Beef
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • eggs
  • Honey
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Fish
  • Tomato derivatives and sauces prepared
  • Milk / Cheese
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Truffles and wild mushrooms

Foods to which the indication of origin obligation will be extended:

  • Cured meat
  • Rabbit meat
  • Processed meat (Hamburger)
  • Jams, fruit juices
  • Beans, canned peas, etc.
  • Bread (including the precooked)
  • Dried fruits

When do the new rules come into effect?

The new rules should come into force in April 2020. Producers will have to provide information on the origin of the products when the place of origin of the food is indicated on the label and is not the same as that of its primary ingredient.


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