Food labels: new regulation

17 April 2018

The executive regulation on the labeling of the origin of the main food ingredient has been approved by a large majority.
The new rules specify how the information on the origin of the main product should be provided, when the place of provenance of the food is indicated or evoked and is different from that of the primary ingredient.
This means that in the case of pasta it is mandatory to indicate the origin of the wheat, in the case of cheese it is mandatory to indicate that of milk.
For processed products, such as biscuits, rustic pies, mayonnaise, the indication of the origins to be indicated on the label is even more complex.

For President Codacons, Carlo Rienzi "It is a regulation that does not protect the consumer and does not provide adequate guarantees regarding transparency on the origin of food. The rules in fact leave wide margins to the operators of the sector and introduce excessive flexibility that will prevent citizens from knowing the real origin of raw materials at the time of purchase for a multitude of products ".

In Carlo Rienzi's opinion "what was really needed was a rigid regulation, on the basis of the recently introduced legislation in Italy for pasta, rice, cheese, etc., which obligingly obliges producers to indicate the country of origin of the raw material. In this sense, the EU regulation is not only unsatisfactory, but represents a step back in the battle for food transparency ".


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