For the first time at Fiera Marca

On January 13 and 14, we will present some innovative solutions.

5 January 2016

For the first time we will be at Fiera Marca 2016 where we will present the solutions and services dedicated to the GDO and the consumer goods industries such as 4PACK, the global solution for dynamic packaging and multilingual product card management, an online work table which optimizes pack creation and distribution processes and legal and marketing information across media: paper, web, and mobile.

Among the solutions addressed to GDO, the interest in 4WAYDIRECT is now consolidated, the solution dedicated to the creation of periodicals, such as leaflets and promotional materials, from planning to automatic content management.

4WEBSHOP, the e-commerce platform that includes the Click & Collect formula, has been acknowledged and is being recognized by the help desk management and the creation of real-time promotions.

We will preview 4TAGYOU, the solution for optimizing one to one and localized marketing strategies. Thanks to the use of software automation and beacon and wifi proximity technologies, the service is able to guide the distribution of targeted content at the time of the user's interest, through a dedicated app.


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