Labeling of repellent insect products: regulations

With a note, the italian Ministry of Health has recalled what are the current regulations

25 September 2018

The insect repellent formulations on the market are the most varied: lotions, emulsions, sprays, roll-ons, creams, gels, handkerchiefs and sticks. Regarding the labeling of these products, on July 30, 2018 the Ministry of Health published a note in three places.

  1. All products that have an action on the label to protect against insects and insect bites, such as mosquitoes, horseflies, sand flies, or an action aimed at removing insects or rendering them harmless to humans, can be classified as repellent products and are marketed only after obtaining a specific marketing authorization from the Ministry of Health.
  2. The products described above marketed in Italy must have the following information on the label: BIOCIDAL PRODUCT (PT19) AUTHORIZATION OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH n. IT /…. / 00…. / AUT (pursuant to EU Reg. No. 528/2012) Or medical surgical facility Registration No. ………… of the Ministry of Health (pursuant to Legislative Decree 392/1998).
  3. Products with labels, signs, pictograms, marks and images that in fact refer to any type of activity against insects, without indicating the specific authorization mentioned above, have not been subjected to a prior assessment by of the Ministry of Health concerning the safety of the product and the effectiveness of the activity of protection from insects.
See the Ministry note.


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