Do you know the environmental impact of the products you eat?Denmark is thinking of communicating i

29 October 2018

Denmark is planning to introduce the obligation to communicate on the label how much it costs every single food to our environment.

According to a proposal from the Danish government, contained in a new climate package, food products would be marked with stickers showing their environmental impact.

The proposal is supported by the entrepreneurs meeting in the Danish Council for Agriculture and Food (DAFC). In a statement to CNN, Director Morten Høyer highlighted that the information "is difficult to calculate, so we have a good challenge before we can say with certainty that we have the right solution for a climate label. Everyone knows that food production influences the climate, but if the rest of the world produces food like we do in Denmark, the world would be a better place. "

Thanks to the government's efforts to convert national agriculture, organic food has entered most Danish kitchens. Furthermore, a tough fight against food waste was carried out, which in just 5 years was cut by 25%. In fact, food affects the environment in different ways: from energy and the resources needed to produce it (water, fertilizers, pesticides) to the fuel used for its transport.


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