How to Eliminate Callback Costs in Food Packaging

It is a necessity of all companies producing and distributing consumer goods.

9 November 2017

There are direct callback costs, which concern transport and logistics, communication, redemption to retailers and customers, and legal fees.
There are also indirect costs that are reflected in the loss of customer confidence, a general drop in sales and brand reputation that is compromised.

But why are companies forced to recall their products?
Errors occur mainly due to design with multiple labels, last minute information, promotional activities and of course human error.

Let's see in detail what they consist of.

Design with multiple labels.
Each industry uses the art of packaging to strengthen brand identity. However, some products have a similar artwork. The difference could consist of a letter, an added voice, the weight, and this is where the mistake may occur, causing the company to suffer a lot of losses for an operator's "miss".

Incorrect handling of multiple labels.
The labels contain all the information about the product. Spelling mistakes, two similar labels placed on the wrong product or on the wrong side of the product, the wrong translation from one language to another ... All of these can cause high levels of interruptions in the packaging process: 60% of calls are due to labeling and packaging mistakes.

Last minute information, promotional activities and human error.
In the multi-product packaging sector, changes are frequent. You have to quickly adapt to the needs of the last minute and in a high-stress situation, if the communication stream is not optimized, the error is inevitable.

Observing the statistics referring to the United States, it can be noted that these calls periodically reach high peaks, probably due to increased production, corporate settlements, launch of new products and more.
It is also true that knowing this path, greater organization and adequate support can greatly reduce the amount of calls.

Managing complexity, technical-legal updates, and languages is a necessity for all consumer goods manufacturers and distributors. The figures inside the company are involved, as well as external actors such as creative agencies, photoliths and printers.
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