Carrefour's blockchain

The French supermarket chain will be the first to use this technology

16 March 2018

The blockchain is a digital, secure and non-falsifiable database in which users send information to be stored. Its application in the food sector makes sure that each component of the supply chain (producers, processors and distributors) can provide traceability information related to their role and to each lot (dates, places, buildings for livestock, distribution channels, treatments, etc.). etc.). In this way, farmers have the opportunity to improve production and know-how, while for consumers there is greater transparency and food safety.

How does it work? On the product label there will be a QR code that consumers will be able to scan. Through this QR code it will be possible to know the place and the method of breeding, the name of the breeder, the food administered, the absence of antibiotic treatments, the place of the slaughterhouse.

Carrefour has already implemented this system for the Carrefour Quality Line Auvergne range of free-range chickens and by the end of 2018, to guarantee consumers complete traceability of the product, it will be extended to eight other sectors: eggs, cheese, milk, oranges, tomatoes, salmon and steaks.


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