4 Flying landing at Marca2016

The only event in Italy, with the most important signs of the GDO.

1 December 2015

4 Flying participates at Marca2016, scheduled for Bologna on 13-14 January 2016 at the Exhibition Center.

The Brand Show is the only event dedicated exclusively to the Commercial Brand in the Modern Distribution. The most important signs of the GDO are taking part and it is an event that has grown by 33% in terms of exhibition space over the last 4 years, recording more than 36% of exhibitors and more than 6,000 professional operators in the field (data - Data Certification Institute Statistical Exhibitions.

4 Flying, with its ultra-20-year experience in integrated multichannel communication, will present solutions that have structured and automated leaflets production, revolutionized packaging management, developed new forms of online dissemination, created a unique e-commerce system in Italy and, above all, made the publication of content on all media efficient.

It will be present at Pad 36 Stand B-69 to show some application examples.


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