Packaging in the pharmaceutical and life science industry

Artwork and label management in life science and pharmaceutical needs a solution

Even pharma and life science companies entrust the packaging design to communication agencies. If in the different product sectors the products have to attract the attention of the consumer and encourage the purchase, the packaging in the pharmaceutical and life science market have the task of being easily recognized even by "non-professionals". For this reason the design must be centered on the user (User Centered Design) and therefore take into account the real needs of the consumer. Greater attention is also required for the ever greater diffusion of generic medicines: In this case the possibility of error increases due to names not known by the user and due to the greater interchangeability of the packs.

According to European legislation, companies must evaluate all potential sources of error before marketing a product, verifying that the name and packaging can not be confused with others. Furthermore, in some countries before modify the graphics or information on the packaging, it is necessary to request authorization from the Ministry of Health.

The characteristics of the drug and the numerous laws make the workflow of pharmaceutical and life science packaging very slow, a market that is constantly increasing and that in one year sells about two and a half billion packs of medicines.


Due to its characteristics, 4PACK fits perfectly into the pharmaceutical and life science packaging sector sector. Those who daily dedicate themselves to the creation, management, control, approval and subsequent modifications of the packaging, label and artwork with 4PACK is a web based solution that drastically reduces errors and time to market.

With 4PACK, the person responsible for the creation of a pharmaceutical packaging has at his disposal a database capable of:

contain all the projects realized, divided by line brand and with the history of each work have powerful search functions guarantee and control access to data, so that only approved documents are distributed and that assets are used in compliance with brand guidelines

The pharmaceutical packaging manager does not have to wait for the individual reports from the collaborators but he can visualize the progress on a dashboard that provides in real time the working status of each phase. It has the opportunity to verify the dedicated resources and consequently manage delays and formulate a global evaluation of process efficiency.

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