Packaging Management in Pet-Food Industry

The Pet-Food and pet items industry is a growing market.

Pet owners confirm widespread attention to the health and well-being of their animals and show it through the choice of high quality food (premium and superpremium) for a pet balanced diet.

As in the human food-industry, pet-food packaging also plays a decisive role in the industry in order to encourage sales. After years of paper and cans packaging, pet-food packaging changes its image and is getting closer and closer to the "human food" stereotype.


In the United States, all pet-food is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and it is further regulated at the state level. In Europe the FEDIAF represents the national associations of the Animal Food Industry. In Italy, for example, pet food is safe and guaranteed, it is produced only with healthy and above all traceable raw materials and food safety is regulated by a complex plan of official controls. The National Plan of Official Control on Animal Feed (PNAA) is an important document of the Ministry of Health drawn up every three years. It is updated on time and ensures an official feed and pet food control system, in order to guarantee a high level of protection of human, animal and environmental health.

Every country have their own regulatory and packaging language for the PET food industry. This makes the labeling process even more difficult.



Like the packaging for the "Human food", even the PET-food artworks and labels have many complexities and regulations to be observed.

4PACK the artwork and label management software, contains:

  • all the projects realized, divided by line brand and with the history of each work have powerful search functions
  • guarantee and control access to data, so that only approved documents are distributed and that assets are used in compliance with brand guidelines

The person in charge of the packaging of the pet food does not have to wait for the individual reports from the collaborators, but he can visualize the progress on a dashboard that provides in real time the working status of each phase. It has the opportunity to verify the dedicated resources and consequently manage delays and formulate a global evaluation of process efficiency.

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