Packaging Management in the food-Industry

Label and artwork management solution to reduce costs and save time

To meet market and consumers needs, food packaging has increasingly become an infoproduct.

Food packaging from a simple paper or plastic bag it has assumed the role of direct advertising, a marketing tool that define the visibility and recognition for the packaging brand. The shape, the colors, the texture, the fonts, the images and logos: all these are some packaging contents that companies use to attract the consumer to buy their products. Legal constraints to protect consumers have ensured that more and more information is reported on the label, for example the origin or the food composition. If you work in a food company you already know that manage all these contents becomes more difficult during a development or update process and when the product is geographically expanded, the proprietary company needs all the linguistic variants for each individual content: the multilingual packaging become a multiplier effect that determines a multitude of variations for each individual element of the pack.

On top of that, with the development of Industry 4.0, it will be more common to link packaging with external content, not only integrated with it (QR code, Near Field Communication): with the new SMART packaging, companies will be able to provide the consumer with further information that, due to space requirements, it is not possible to include in the packaging, such as production details, product storytelling, information on online sales and customer service, advice on use and recipes.

In a competitive market every companies strives to reduce the Time To Market, deliver product mix and quickly change the packaging to market needs:

4PACK: Artwork and Label Management Software is the right solution to reduce packaging costs and reduce the time of packaging development and update process. 4PACK gives you the full control of Packaging workflow and data.

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The importance of correctly archiving the packaging artwork and label contents

Using software that manages packaging is inevitable in companies that deal with numerous production lines. The product sheet contains all the information and the elements that form the casing of the product and all the contents connected to it. Correct storage of these elements is really important for a food company: marketing needs, legal constraints and innovations in the packaging sector require more and more frequent updates and changes. A messy storage of the elements that make up the label and the artwork of a packaging complicates, for example, updating and modifying the packaging more than necessary.

Use a systematized filing system organized in product sheets linked to each single element that forms the packaging:

  • The same research time as the elements of the artwork and the label
  • the transfer of them, for example, to the creative agency
  • 4PACK reduces the time required to update and modify the packaging, improving the time to market.


Define a standard workflow for packaging, artwork and label management

Managing label and packaging artwork involves several potential problems. Firstly, there is not a single person responsible for the whole process: typically, during the phases of creation, updating and printing of the packaging, various people (marketing, legal, creative agencies, technical offices, press and prepress) take part in specific stages of development. Within some companies, a person can perform several roles, but it is difficult to manage the whole process alone. Actually, in some phases external partners are involved with the potential risk of losing control of the packaging data.

The lack of a clear and well-defined standard workflow for packaging management can lead to incorrect or missing packaging contents.

Organizations often manage the process of devolving, managing and updating packaging by sharing files spread across individual computers and data units: communication flows are handled without a standard format. In some cases, the content and communications are managed with post-it or text documents and any corrections, changes and updates are communicated by an endless e-mails and phone calls for further clarification.

With 4PACK the manager of the packaging (marketing department) does not have to wait for the individual reports from the collaborators, but he can check the progress on a dashboard that provides in real time the working status of each phase, manage delays and formulate a global assessment of process efficiency. 

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