Packaging in the cosmetics industry

Cosmetic packaging artwork and label management solution.

In the cosmetics packaging market the owner and the manufacturer of the brand are often different entities. Both try to develop a wider range of products, able to respond promptly to consumer requests. They are products in which the cosmetics packaging label is the essential element because it allows to identify the composition, very important, for example, for those who are intolerant or subject to allergies, and also to understand their harmfulness to the environment.

Labeling in the cosmetics sector includes particularly strict rules.
The legislation concerns the description of the ingredients, the origin of the same, the indications for use and the function of the product, the expiry date, the lot and the data relating to the manufacturer or distributor.

The information to be inserted on a label is multiple and for this reason it becomes more and more necessary to work with a software able to manage the information database, organize the workflow and produce outputs according to the law.


With 4PACK, the person responsible for the creation of a cosmetic packaging has a database available that is able to:

  • contain all the projects realized, divided by line brand and with the history of each work
  • have powerful search functions
  • guarantee and control access to data, so that only approved documents are distributed and that assets are used in compliance with brand guidelines

The cosmetics industry's packaging manager does not have to wait for individual reports from collaborators but can view progress on a dashboard that provides real-time processing status for each phase. It has the opportunity to verify the dedicated resources and consequently manage delays and formulate a global evaluation of process efficiency.

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