Packaging in the chemical industry

Le etichette dei prodotti chimici sono un'importante fonte di informazione sulla loro pericolosità.

The most important rule to follow when working with a chemical products is knowing what you are manipulating: this information is provided by the labeling and safety data sheets on hazardous chemical products. To read them well you need to familiarize with the modalities that the international community has set to identify

All chemical products are identified by their IUPAC name (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) and also by the CAS number, a numerical identifier that uniquely identifies a chemical compound. The Chemical Abstract Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society, assigns these identifiers.

Chemicals materials and substance on the European Union market before 18 September 1981 was identified by an EINECS number (European Invention of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances), while those introduced after that date are characterized by an ELINCS number (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances ). On 1 June 2015, the new classification, labeling and packaging system (CLP) came into force and all companies that market dangerous chemicals, anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA), have to adapt.

To help consumers and promote global trade, the EU has integrated the new provisions of the global harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals (GHS) developed by the United Nations into the CLP regulation.

The label on the packaging is used to quickly communicate the danger of chemicals, but more information can be obtained through the Safety Data Sheet: a document of some pages that must be provided to the professional user by those who place a dangerous substance or product on the market.




It is clear that the production of packaging and safety data sheets in the chemical industry needs a lot of attention. Those who follow this process must be supported by software such as 4PACK, capable of following the entire creation and modification process of the artworks, revising and supporting the Change Control activities.

 With 4PACK, the person responsible for the creation of a packaging in the chemical sector has at his disposal a database capable of:

  • contain all the projects realized, divided by line brand and with the history of each work
  • have powerful search functions
  • guarantee and control access to data, so that only approved documents are distributed and that assets are used in compliance with brand guidelines

The head of packaging in the chemical sector does not have to wait for individual reports from collaborators but can view progress on a dashboard that provides real-time processing status of each phase. It has the opportunity to verify the dedicated resources and consequently manage delays and formulate a global evaluation of process efficiency

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