The platform that accompanies marketing to the the Industry 4.0

In the age of the fourth industrial revolution, all business areas are involved in the process of digitization and innovation. The digital development of companies accompanies internal processes, but also the way of relating to the market and this is why we have long been talking about "platformization of marketing", which is a marketing that uses more and more tools and technological platforms to operate.

Packaging understood as a means of communication and interaction between the company and the consumer is completely involved in this process.

The evolution of the role of packaging has transformed it from a simple wrapping for the product to a global experience for the consumer; this forces companies to manage the processes and transmitted contents in a new way through the packaging.

4PACK is the software created to completely manage the packaging creation process and all the contents that make it up. It digitize the workflow and all the elements of the packaging and labels. The software is able to simultaneously power the artworks, the technical data sheets and all the other outputs intended to increase the consumer experience, even just through a simple QRcode, which allows access to enriched and always updated contents.

The advantages related to the use of the software are considerable and immediate: greater efficiency and speed of management, elimination of typing errors and drastic reduction of the risk of label disputes. Everything comes along with an improvement in the coherence and the ability to coordinate the brand.

With 4PACK the packaging artwork management becomes smarter and for this reason it can be applyied in all those markets that combine their products with technical data sheets, safety data sheets, labels and all kinds of information.

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