Product specification in the food industry

How they must be done, what they must respect.

The data sheets of food products, with the new regulation, need to be produced and maintained with a dynamic and shared database.
Do you know what is one of the most important product related documents? That’s the product specification. This document contains a exhaustive description of the product, all the requisites related to the production process as well as technical and functional detail of the product.
Each of these document can be released for any kind of product, from the raw materials (raw material specifications) to the machine parts or the packaging goods.
In the food industry the number of protocoles and documents required during the production process can be remarkable to guarantee safety and a higher quality. The food product and raw material specifications sheets primarly inform about the ingredients of each product and its condition of production.

Content of a product specification document.

  • General information:
    • production method
    • identification
    • ingredients
    • delivery
    • expiration date
    • transport and storage
    • package size
    • possible contamination
  • Location
  • Sensory properties:
    • appearance
    • color
    • smell
    • taste
    • texture
  • Nutrutional values
  • Declaration of allergens
  • Microbiological limits
  • Chemical - physical properties
  • Dispatch and Storage methods
  • Labelling 
  • Certificates
  • Quality Management Methods
  • Manuals

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