Pet food product labels: a workflow for their production

The labels of pet food products need to be produced with an innovative workflow, able to reduce production times and errors and ensure compliance with current regulations.

The labels of pet food products undergo many processes, especially to comply with the regulations of each country, for the diversity of ingredients, for the variation of some parameters and for many other variables. In their realization different figures compete, more and more aware of the need to have an innovative, online tool, capable of updating every single field of the label and storing all the workings in a database, in order to be available at any time.
The labels of pet food products, produced with an instrument like 4PACK, satisfy these needs.

The marketing / legal contents, the lay-out and the packaging graphics systems are digitized and placed in a specific database for the packs and labels. Each single content is divided into atomic parts, functional to the creation of complex outputs, such as the printing plant executives and product technical sheets, for the catalog, for e-commerce and for the app. The solution is the only one able to manage the complete archive of the packs.
 Workflow management
The project is shared through a workflow created specifically for packaging, with flows, validation tasks and notifications designed to optimize the time to market of the product packaging. Every single phase is monitored through dashboards that can be customized.
 Packaging dinamico
At the end of the flow, controlled and certified, the finished packaging is obtained in digital mode, made dynamic because it can be updated in real time content by the operator, simply by clicking on the digital print of the pack. The solution dynamically links the database with the executive. The result is the complete coherence between the contents of the packaging, the product technical sheets and all the other linked outputs
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