Nutritional label: the new regulations

The nutritional label, with the new regulations, needs to be produced and maintained with a dynamic and shared database.

The nutrition label is a statement on the label of a food product. It refers to its energy value and its content in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dietary fibers, sodium, vitamins and minerals.
The nutritional label in Europe, until the issuance of the EU Regulation n. 1169/2011 was optional, unless specific nutrition claims were made on the packaging or advertising of the food product.
Now the new regulation states that all prepackaged products must have the nutrition label. For this reason it is increasingly necessary to have a dynamic database, able to manage the workflow, to dialogue with the information systems, to update every single field of the nutritional label and to update all the communication outputs.
4 Flying has developed 4PACK, the application able to manage the complete packaging archive, to structure all legal and marketing contents in an atomic form for the creation of dynamically requested outputs, from the shelf label to the technical sheet for the catalog and the web card for e-commerce or mobile app.

"4PACK allowed us to internalize the packaging generation process, reducing time and errors, thanks to the reduction of the actors involved and thus the work steps, as well as the expertise. More control for a greater accuracy of the result."

Cristian Modolo, CMO of VICENZI Spa

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