Food labeling: a dynamic database and a workflow to reduce time and costs

The labels of food products need to be produced with an innovative workflow, able to reduce production times and errors and ensure compliance with current regulations.

The labeling of food products is a complex process, which undergoes the intervention of various figures. The different compositions of the same product distributed in several countries, the variables of every single voice, the same translation in language, are phases of a complex process that increasingly needs to be guided by an instrument capable of certifying every single step and arriving in print error free.
The advantages for the industry or for the sign, which handles the labeling of food products with 4PACK are notable: from the security of the data and images that are always up-to-date, to the reduction of time and errors, to the real time production of labels products that feed catalogs on paper, browsable online or web cards.

"4PACK allowed us to internalize the packaging generation process, reducing time and errors, thanks to the reduction of the actors involved and thus the work steps, as well as the expertise. More control for a greater accuracy of the result."

Cristian Modolo, CMO of VICENZI Spa

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