Graphic Design Workflow for Packaging: finally an online solution capable of managing the entire workflow

Packaging graphics are not just a creative process but the result of collaboration between different company figures and an efficient and certified workflow.

Graphic Design Workflow: packaging requires a lot of time and professionalism. For this we need a tool like 4PACK, an online application able to structure all legal and marketing contents in atomic form and provide the requested outputs in a dynamic way: from the shelf label to the technical sheet for the catalog and to the web card for e-commerce or the mobile app. Furthermore, it manages the entire workflow, with validation and acknowledgment tasks specifically designed to optimize the "Time To Market" of the product.

4PACK is based on the proprietary software eTEAM®, the cloud platform created for the management and publication of content on all types of media, from which also derive other vertical solutions dedicated to the creation of leaflets, catalogs, websites, mobile and e-commerce , up to the management of content for proximity marketing.

"4PACK allowed us to internalize the packaging generation process, reducing time and errors, thanks to the reduction of the actors involved and thus the work steps, as well as the expertise. More control for a greater accuracy of the result."

Cristian Modolo, CMO of VICENZI Spa

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