4Pack, the innovative solution that solves the problems related to the creation of packaging.

A solution that, through certified automatisms, speeds up the production of packaging for the food industry.

4 PACK is capable:

  • to manage the processing flow of the label and packaging of a product, with validation and control steps
  • to dialogue with company information systems or other sources for data feeding and enrichment 

4 PACK is essential for:

  • manage the individual data of the product sheets, labels, safety data sheets
  • feed and update all OUTPUT communication

What are the benefits?

  • easy: simple to use, fast in data processing and in the construction and updating of the product packaging database
  • effective: improves the organization and control of workflow, with high savings in terms of time and cost 
  • efficient: drastically reduced error margin: the data on the product is unique, correct and certified
  • immediate: intervention in real time on the label and on the packaging with optimization of TIME TO MARKET complete and updated: it contains all the information related to the product, with historicization of the data, according to what is established by current regulations (ex Reg. Eu 1169/2011)

"4PACK allowed us to internalize the packaging generation process, reducing time and errors, thanks to the reduction of the actors involved and thus the work steps, as well as the expertise. More control for a greater accuracy of the result."

Cristian Modolo, CMO of VICENZI Spa

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