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Artwork Management Solution

4Pack’s Artwork Management Solution enables you to manage the complete workflow from design briefing, artwork and print proof approval. It drives a right first time approach, reduce errors, provides an instant audit of comments and status with automatic version control.

4Pack’s Artwork Management Solution provides a central solution that brings cross functional teams (both internal and external) together, providing a platform for collaboration and single source of version controlled data, assets and artwork.

If you are experiencing any of the typical challenges that many organisations face when working in a manual way then we are here to help and can digitally transform your artwork management process to make your teams more efficient and drive artwork accuracy.

4Pack Artwork Management Solution Benefits


Manual (Analogue) Way of Working4Pack offers
Artwork Approval process too long Improved right first time
Too many revisions Faster and more secure launches
Process too complex and long Reduced costs
Escalating costs Central Hub
Pack copy briefing inconsistent Consistent and searchable content
Multilingual copy challenges Translation library and memory
Difficult to work from a single source of information Connected specification, asset, artwork and project store
Manual version control Automated versioning and compare
Lack of consistency Data, process and status control
High risk of human error Remove duplication and double doing
Critical paths are non defined Project visibility and tracking
Unable to track progress Flexible, configurable workflows
No instant audit history Configurable user dashboards
No control Permissione based access & visibility

Alongside the Artwork Management Solution within 4Pack, we can provide pack copy specification management, digital asset management, dynamic artwork and product information management.

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