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Artwork Management Software in the pharmaceutical industry

The characteristics of the drug and the numerous laws complicate the management of the artwork for the pharmaceutical industry.

Due to its characteristics, 4PACK fits perfectly into the pharmaceutical industry.
Those who daily dedicate themselves to the creation, management, control, approval and subsequent modifications of the packaging, with 4PACK has a web based solution that drastically reduces errors and time to market.
An Artwork Management Software with which the person responsible for the creation of a pharmaceutical packaging has at his disposal a database capable of:

  • contain all the projects carried out, subdivided by brand / line and with the history of each work
  • have powerful search functions
  • guarantee and control access to data, so that only approved documents are distributed and that assets are used in compliance with brand guidelines

With the help of this Artwork Management Software, the head of pharmaceutical packaging does not have to wait for individual reports from collaborators but can view progress on a dashboard that provides real-time processing status of each phase. It has the opportunity to verify the dedicated resources and consequently manage delays and formulate a global evaluation of process efficiency.


Flussi di gestione
workflow improvement and archiving

high quality and security of data using a unique certified source


efficient information sharing

Archivio automatico
automatic digital archive always up to date

Riduzione errori
minimisation of errors

data available simultaneously for paper and web

time-to-market optimisation

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