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Artwork Management Checklist: RESULTS

How To Interpret The Results

RESULT = less than 3 items checked? 

Great! You have clearly addressed the challenges of artwork management and moved to a digital way of working.  Now take your process to the next level and introduce dynamic artwork, it is game changing!

Dynamic Artwork flows validated pack copy content directly onto a dynamic artwork template with pre-assigned locations and sizing.  Artwork can be generated instantly by business users from the PCs.  It ensures synchronisation between specification and artwork is maintained.  It easily handles changes without delay and increase in cost.

Dynamic Artwork will soon be the de-facto standard, so get ahead of the game

Why change?

  • The focus on food labelling compliance has significantly intensified in recent years
  • Frequent market regulation changes make managing change more challenging
  • Product launch timelines are being squeezed
  • Constant NPD & EPD (existing product development) drive continuous label changes
  • Teams change frequently and subject matter expertise fluctuates
  • Damage to the consumer and brand reputation due to inaccurate labelling is significant
  • Leverage technology to simplify & de-risk
  • Dynamic Artwork with 4Pack has become an affordable technology for businesses of all sizes


Leverage technology to simplify & de-risk
Dynamic Artwork with 4Pack has become an affordable technology for businesses of all sizes




RESULT: more than 4 items checked?

Talk to us about moving to a digital way of working to manage your label and artwork process.  The step to moving to a central solution to manage all your artwork related activities will make your business more efficient, reduce costs and siginificantly mitigate risk of error and product recall.

Inaccurate labelling is still the primary cause for product recall, the cost to the food and beverage industry amounts to millions in lost sales but also lost brand trust.

4Pack specialise in providing artwork management solutions to the market, starting from our 4Pack Lite solution for a first step on the digital ladder, all the way through to an enterprise solution where it is possible to manage significant SKU complexity across multiple regions simply.

4Pack works for businesses of all sizes.

Go Digital with 4Pack!


4Pack listed in the 2021 Market Guide – Labelling and Artwork Management (LAM)

4Pack listed in the 2021 Market Guide - Packaging and Product Specification Content Management (PPSCM)

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