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4Pack Wine and Spirits, the new 4Flying solution specifically designed for wine producers and distributors

By the end of 2023, the ingredients list and nutritional declaration will need to be displayed on the physical label or accessible through a QR code positioned on the back label, following new rules introduced by the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

Is your company able to comply with the new regulations?

4Pack Wine & Spirits is a flexible and intuitive operational solution for wine companies that can improve your efficiency by 60% thanks to its ability to adapt to individual needs.

How does 4Pack Wine and Spirits help you face this labelling challenge?

4Pack Wine and Spirits is one of the solutions created by 4Flying Group that offers innovative digital tools to the Food & Beverage industry globally.

With 4Pack Wine & Spirits you can

  • Feed the physical and digital label with constantly updated data in line with regulations.
  • Enrich information on an already crowded physical label through automatic generation of a QR code.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with the template requirements imposed by the EU or other authorities.
  • Automatically prepare product, logistics, and sensory technical sheets and update websites and other communication channels in real-time.
  • Comply with specific requirements of different markets for both the EU and around the world.
  • Manage multilingual text and data.
  • Facilitate control of the entire packaging graphics realisation process, allowing internal and external teams to collaborate through a secure and always accessible platform.
  • Manage products’ environmental sustainability data.
  • Centralise and archive all data, assets, labels, and packaging artworks in a single source of truth, with the guarantee of having access to always updated and approved data.

The new regulations will require a new way of working.  Traditional and manual processes, with the use of numerous documents, excel spreadsheets, and email exchanges is simply too time consuming and can be risky because it lacks control.

It has become necessary to adopt a new digital way of working to ensure the accuracy of data and graphics before printing the label, resulting in time and cost savings plus ensuring regulatory compliance.

For more information on 4Pack Wine & Spirits, please email us at contact@4-pack.com.


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