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4Pack is available in 4 well-defined versions

We have built different versions of 4Pack to meet the needs of companies with the best solution

However, 4Pack recognises that not all businesses may need to utilise the full functionality that we have to offer, so we have created 4 new versions of our software in order to cater for your individual business’ needs and budgets. These have been designed to suit brands, manufacturers and retailers of all shapes and sizes - enabling us to mould around you. Whether you are new to digitising, want to plug a digital gap or revolutionise your entire product launch processes, we have provided simple pricing models to help implement your business’ needs. 

Lite (£)

4Pack Lite has been designed with smaller teams in mind who may be seeking to centralise and control their artwork management processes. This provides businesses with a first step on the digital ladder by enabling teams to brief and proof artwork whilst capitalising on automatic version control and comparison. By moving these stages to a single point of reference for all team members, the speed of product launches increases and the risk of human error from manual processes, such as PDF email exchange and Teams, is reduced. 

4Pack Lite

Artwork+ (££)

This Plus+ version is ideal for growing companies with more complex artwork processes and who are looking to digitise their pack-copy management approval methods. This version provides a more personalised experience, to plug the artwork management gap into the business’ pre-existing IT landscape. This tailored approach allows workflows to be configured to your ways of working, whilst utilising all the benefits of 4Pack Lite. 

4Pack Artwork

Specification+ (££)

Perfect for scaling businesses with increased SKU’s and supply chain complexities who are looking to drive accuracy and compliance. Much like our Artwork+ system, the Specification+ version is also shaped around your current ways of working and digitises specification and supplier management.  As with 4Pack Lite, it provides your supply chain partners with their own portal in order to directly contribute to projects and input change requests with ease (all handled with stringent visibility and security control).

4Pack Scpeification+

Enterprise (£££)

Our full end-to-end product launch management solution! This is suitable for businesses of any size who are wanting to bring together all elements of product launch management into one single source. This combines product and packaging specification content management (PPSCM) with artwork management (LAM) to deliver a complete product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. This is designed to meet business’ exact requirements and ways of working whilst handling complexities and driving efficiency. This version includes all the above benefits, plus dynamic artwork, automated ingredient management, allergen and nutritional labels, automated market and regulatory rules, bespoke reporting and more.

4pack Enterprise

Our versions offer the best value-for-money solutions on the market for CPG, food and beverage manufacturers, brands and retailers seeking to capitalise on digital technologies in order to increase efficiency and de-risk product launch processes.

To find out more about our latest versions, visit our website or contact us for a free consultation and demo, and let lus guide you on your journey to going digital.

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