How it works

The 4Pack solution offers industry leading Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management and Labelling and Artwork Management within one fully integrated and dynamic platform.

By bringing together these crucial functions, 4Pack delivers considerable time, cost and resource efficiencies throughout the packaging development process, makes regulatory compliance easier, and minimises the risk of error or inconsistencies by providing a “single source of truth”.

Product Information Management (PIM)

No more spreadsheets, standalone documents or separate departmental systems. Centralise all the information related to your products from the start of the development process in one intuitive, easy to use software platform. Not only does this ensure that everyone is working from the latest information (with full version control), but allows for full traceability and visibility down to ingredient level. You can also easily cross-reference information between products.

4PACK may be integrated internally or externally with other systems (including ERP, CRM and more), or can directly distribute selected criteriato multiple channels such as product data sheets, packaging artwork, smart labels or e-commerce.

Dynamic Labelling & Artwork Management

Manage the complete Artwork Development process across all teams and stakeholders. Automate workflows, allow dynamic feed of accurate product information directly to artwork (including text, icons and barcodes), easily facilitate multiple variants and translation management, automatically track regulatory compliance, and fully manage artwork approvals and packaging specifications.

Outputs can be sent directly to print, or created as digital “smart label” system. Cutter guides and final artworks in multiple formats can be stored centrally (for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging), and may be fully searched and cross-referenced with product data.

Digital Asset Management

Maintain control of all your brand assets and content: allow easy use and live integration across all media from packaging to communications, as well as ensuring full traceability and usage control. Assets and artwork can be stored, shared and downloaded, with comprehensive search capabilities based on live product information.

Manage multiple formats and distribution channels, including digital content and optimised e-commerce images.

Project Management

Get at-a-glance or detailed views on all projects at master, departmental or user level across the full product lifecycle through customisable and personalised dashboards. Manage timelines and critical paths, view or assign actions at user or team level and get easy multi-format reports.

Through using fully integrated project management tools, 4Pack connects all stages of the product and packaging development process across internal and external teams.


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