Who is 4Pack for?

4Pack is specifically developed to meet the complex needs of food and beverage producers in managing their product information, packaging artwork process and multi-channel digital content distribution.

It is a fully scalable, affordable cloud-based solution with an intuitive interface and uniquely customisable workflows, making it suitable even for small to mid-sized businesses and teams.

4Pack helps to manage the product update and launch process by acting as a central platform that teams across the business can work from right from the start of the development process, through to the creation of packaging artwork and beyond. It offers benefits to every department in terms of standalone functionality, as well as significant benefits driven through integration.

4Pack facilitates the work of product management and development departments in the Food & Beverage
new product management


  • Planning & briefing
  • Supplier management
  • Testing & version control
  • Specification development


  • Project & budget management
  • Launch & lifecycle management
  • Artwork creation & updates
  • Multi-channel / multi-market distribution
Quality & Technical

Quality & Technical

  • Product Master Data management
  • Full traceability & searchability
  • Product & manufacturing specs
  • ERP integration

Regulatory & Legal

  • Regulatory & compliance management
  • Claims & copy approval
  • Complete localisation management
  • Automated multi-market capabilities
Regulatory & Legal
Packaging & Graphics

Packaging & Graphics

  • Multi-format management & libraries
  • Packaging, print and logistics management
  • Easy, dynamic artwork content creation and updates (no Design required)
  • Complete workflow and approvals management


By integrating key content and information flows, 4Pack delivers considerable time, cost and resource efficiencies throughout the product and packaging development process, makes regulatory compliance easier, and minimises the risk of error or inconsistencies by providing a “single source of truth”.

Just some of the benefits our clients have seen from using 4Pack include:

  • 90% cost reduction
  • 50% faster time to market
  • 80% faster packaging updates
  • Complete multi-channel distribution of validated and approved content

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