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Digitally transform your product management and packaging process from end-to-end in a single integrated solution


Why 4Pack?

With a whole host of different, frequently changing variables in play across multiple departments and stakeholders, the challenges are often compounded by teams working from separate systems, spreadsheet-based processes or relying on external suppliers, resulting in inconsistent sources of information. All of which can lead to delays, escalating costs and compliance risks… not to mention being a headache to manage!

4Pack exists to help food and beverage manufacturers and brands of all sizes to overcome these challenges in order to get product updates and new products to market across channels more quickly, to make regulatory compliance easier, and to make significant cost savings throughout the process… all within one affordable, cloud-based solution.

The only integrated solution for complete and effective product and packaging management

What is 4Pack?

4Pack is an end-to-end solution for managing the complete product information and packaging process from ideation through to artwork production and product launch, including multi-channel distribution of product content and assets.

The end-to-end 4Pack solution encompasses industry leading Product Lifecycle Management, Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management and Labelling and Artwork Management functionality within one fully integrated, cloud-based platform.

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By integrating key content and information flows, 4Pack delivers considerable time, cost and resource efficiencies throughout the product and packaging development process, makes regulatory compliance easier, and minimises the risk of error or inconsistencies by providing a “single source of truth”.

Just some of the benefits our clients have seen from using 4Pack include:

  • 90% cost reduction
  • 50% faster time to market
  • 80% faster packaging updates
  • Complete multi-channel distribution of validated and approved content
4Pack offers numerous benefits for packaging management

The Solution

Manage the complete Product Lifecycle

Ideation of the product


Gather all briefing documents, capture data, identify your project team and suppliers, set the project plan and gain project approval sign off to seamlessly transition to full product development and launch.

Concept Development

Concept Development

Your focus should be the research and innovation, not trafficking of information. 4Pack enables seamless collaboration and cross functional development, with centralised data delivering one ‘single source of truth’ for your products and teams right from the start.



Take control of production variables and iterations to get “market ready”, including production trials, quality and nutritional verification, automated regulatory tracking by market, packaging and artwork development.

Product Launch

Product Launch

Reduce costs, improve speed to market and ensure compliance across markets through dynamic management of workflows and approvals, packaging artwork creation and updates, and multi-channel content and asset distribution.

Reporting and Review

Reporting & Review

Easy reporting and review on projects including internal and external stakeholders, custom workflows, critical path mapping and budgetary management. Full visibility at-a-glance and in detail across the product lifecycle through customised dashboards and reports.

Who is 4Pack for?

Designed to help all departments involved in managing changes to existing products, and getting new food and beverage products smoothly to market, 4Pack’s workflows integrate activity and information across Marketing, NPD, Quality, Technical, Regulatory Packaging, Logistics, Finance, Graphics and other teams internally and externally.

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4Pack facilitates the work of product management and development departments in the Food & Beverage

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