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Managing products in 50 markets: Reducing Risk to Increase Efficiency

Giovanni Rana is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fresh pasta products; distributing to over 50 markets internationally, with sales of over €700m. Headquartered in Italy, they operate across 7 sites in Europe and the US, employing approximately 2,700 people.

The Challenge

Managing product and packaging updates for products manufactured and sold internationally is always a particular challenge. Different regulatory rules, different languages, different ingredients suppliers,  different distributors… this may well be sounding familiar! With a portfolio of over 400 SKUs going out to 50 markets – including packaging in 27 languages – the teams at Giovanni Rana urgently needed to find a way to streamline their end-to-end process, ensure strict version control, and to share information in real time.



By implementing 4Pack, Rana were able to allow their Quality, Compliance, Marketing and Graphics teams to work together using the 4Pack platform right from the start of the product development and update process.  

All product information has been centralised, with advanced regulatory and translation management capabilities. Multi-lingual nutritional facts tables and product data sheets can be automatically generated, with accurate, validated information integrated directly into packaging artwork and distributed to other channels as required.

With 21 different stakeholders involved in the end-to-end management process, 4Pack’s workflow, collaboration and project management tools have been instrumental in helping the Giovanni Rana teams to get product updates to market more quickly and more cost-efficiently. Finally, thanks to 4Pack’s Artwork Management and Digital Asset Management features, Rana now have complete control over their artwork and print files, as well as their content and graphic assets.



  • Greater control, greater data integrity, and reduction in errors throughout the update and launch process
  • Significantly reduced time to market for product updates and new products
  • 500+ Artworks per year created and dynamically updated
  • 800+ Ingredients and related information managed