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Speeding up artwork development with an end-to-end solution

The Despar Italy consortium is one of Italy’s largest retailers, serving 17 regions across the country through 6 operating companies, with more of 1,600 stores and a turnover of €3.3bn. They are members of the international Spar group.


With such a signficant brand at stake, ensuring the quality and accuracy of information on pack is an essential focus for Despar. But with over 3,300 SKUs across 17 different private-label brands in store, and hundreds of different suppliers, managing this process is a serious and complex challenge.

With so much complexity, using emails, spreadsheets and phone calls to manage communications between all the relevant parties was simply not efficient, leading not only to delays but also a significant risk of error, and lack of traceability.



4Pack’s uniquely integrated, end-to-end management platform has allowed Despar to revolutionise their product information and artwork management process. This solution includes:

  • Centralised product information & packaging data
  • Artwork briefing, sharing & approval workflows
  • Supplier checks
  • Automated Regulatory management
  • Complete traceability
  • Multi-lingual management
  • Print testing and controls
  • Project status reporting & dashboards

Thanks to 4Pack’s flexibility and integration capabilities, through digitising and centralising this process, Despar are now able to manage their entire supply distribution chain.



The implementation of 4Pack has resulted in:

  • A “single source of truth” related to product information and packaging artwork, owned by Despar
  • Creation of a complete archive of packaging and all attached notes, with full traceability
  • Control of the entire workflow through personalised dashboards, alerts and notifications
  • Effective coordination of all process stakeholders, internal and external
  • A drastic reduction in errors, and decrease in project management costs

Centralising information and data in a single source of truth is helping us to improve development time and reduce errors.
Full workflow traceability has improved planning, and is helping us meet deadlines and increase speed to market.

Michela Cocchi
Brand Manager MMD di Despar Italia