Workflow Manager

An effective system of checks and validations before the final print of the packaging


Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals N.T.M. is the largest Italian manufacturer of third-party food supplements and an important player in the pharmaceutical market. It has about 300 employees and with 77 production lines more than 150 customers, with 400 different products.
Due to the large number of products and companies involved, a system capable of managing a flow, with controls and validations, was required before the final packaging of the packaging.



To meet this need, we have been implementing the 4PACK, the global packaging solution, based on eTEAM proprietary software and operating in S.a.a.s mode. simply by browser. A choice that has brought the following benefits:

  • Eliminate paper or private exchanges via email: all notes, directions, corrections are included in the system.
  • More effective workmanship, saving time in content sharing and validations.
  • Drastically reduced error margin resulting in cost savings in printing.

MERCATO / GDO , Pharma

SOLUZIONE & SERVIZI / eTEAM , 4PACK , Hosting – Data farm – Cloud

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